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What cheese should I make first?

The easiest cheeses to make are the ones featured in our Artisan Home Cheese-maker Series, Class #1.  After class, start with a Fromage Blanc or a Chevre.  Then either the ricotta or the Guido.


Do we get to take home samples and recipes from the class?

All recipes are provided.  Unfortunately, because we are working in groups, we cannot stand behind the safety of the cheeses that we make in the class.  Bags will be provided for doggie treats, should you want to take some cheesy treats home to the pup!


Do I need fancy equipment to make the cheeses?

No, the cheeses in class have been selected to keep equipment costs at a minimum.  In class, we demonstrate several cost-effective ways to make cheese with items that may be found around the house, or easily procured. 


Where can I get good milk for cheese-making?

In class we use a variety of milks, including plain Stater Bros Whole Milk.  Good cheese can be made with grocery store milk with the addition of Calcium Chloride. The following stores sell a wide variety of raw, non-homogenized, and organic products, in both goat and cow’s milk.

Sprouts Farmer’s Market

Mother’s Market & Kitchen

Clark's Nutrition & Natural Foods Market

Goodwin and Son’s Market (Straus Cream Top Organic Milk only)

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