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Artisan I Class

Introduction class with hands-on experience! This class will give you a repertoire of homemade cheeses that can proudly be served from your own kitchen, every day. They are easy to prepare, delicious, and require no expensive equipment.


4 Hour Class - Feta, Paneer, and Butters!

The class will work in groups making a Feta style cheese, Paneer, and Cultured and Compound Butter.  Instruction will be given on sanitation, how to make a brine, and how to store your newly made cheeses.  Students will be able to taste their homemade paneer prepared with their freshly made butter.

The experience is available for private groups (6 to 24 people), or at the Grunderfully Delicious Cookie Studio in Anaheim.  Students will depart with full recipes, links for suppliers, an invitation to a special Facebook support group, and many new cheesy friends. 

A small store will be available for students to purchase cheesemaking equipment and supplies.  With the provided recipes, newly learned skills, and a few purchased supplies, students will be all set to make cheese in their own kitchens!

To schedule a private class, please call:

(714) 584-0020.

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